Phight to Inspire

Scott here. I will do my best to write this update. I feel like I need to finish this blog for her. Drea fought like I have never seen anyone fight before. March 13, 2017 around 6:30pm she can now rest and breath again.

I will try to carry on the update from her last update of Day 6 in the hospital.

Shortly after her last update, her blood work came back showing that her carbon dioxide (co2) was very high. This started our long month and a half on the ICU floor at UW Medical Center. The teams were chasing what they were calling a Cryptogenic Organized Pneumonia (COP). Sparing the great details, this had her going from Bipap, to breathing tube, to kidney dialysis, off breathing tube, emergency blood transfusions, chest compressions were needed at one time, back on breathing tube for a short while, then off again. Like I said previously, she is a fighter like no other. We had one final test that would give us the answer we did not want. Through a right and left heart Cath they found that her heart was restrictive meaning it was not strong enough to pump the necessary fluids to her organs, so her body held on to this water. Yes, her lungs were still assholes, but her heart was quietly being the ring leading asshole that was starving her lungs of the blood they needed to help her breath. One of the only ways to treat a restrictive heart is with a transplant. We are not able to do transplants for the same reasons we could not do lung transplants.

We were walking this medical tight rope. Trying to keep her from retaining too much fluid that was making it difficult to breath, and not making her too dry to where the kidneys would fight back. At this point, the doctors and myself nervously agreed to her wishes of coming home and try to manage these symptoms and get her comfortable. I can not thank the UW teams enough for everything they have done for us. She got the greatest care from everyone. She infectiously made friends with the staff there, as her favorite nurse told me last night “I only knew her for a short time, but I can’t imagine a World without her”.

It was great to see her happy to be home with family, especially being home with Evan for the last week and a half. In her final moments, she made sure to give me and Evan both hugs and let us know that she loves us.

Thank you all for the support that you have shown us through this very tough, very stressful time. Even if she did not respond to a lot of people, she did in fact read every word and smiled. I have made promises to her. Number one is that Evan will always be taken care of forever. And number two, that I want her name to be synonymous with “Inspire” She was a fighter from childhood, she over came so many obstacles. Her family was told she was not going to survive her cancer when she was a child, she showed them that she was going to survive 38 extra happy, successful years and raise an amazing child while doing so. I mentioned it in the last blog I wrote for her, but take her name and literally run with it. She was limited to what she could do with her body. If you ever had personal goals you have wanted to achieve, take her name. She lived her whole life helping people and I want that to continue forever.

I love you Drea, and I will continue your phight. Breath easy love.


3 thoughts on “Phight to Inspire

  1. Know What? Your words are straight from deep in your heart, and we can’t imagine your pain. Thank you for being such a fantastic Husband, Caregiver, Supporter and master of words. Drea is such a #phighter and it’s so true…..”Inspire” = Drea. I love how happy Drea makes you, everyone sees that. I will miss the two of you together, and always carry my love for her in my heart. I love you Scott T. and can’t wait to hold you. xoxo


  2. My husband and I are so sorry for your loss. I came to know Drea through my blog and she had requested an afghan that I sent to her. She was so sweet and she will be missed. Warm hugs, thoughts and prayers for you and your family.



  3. I know exactly how that nurse is feeling. Drea and I weren’t particularly close in high school, but after getting to know her so much more through Facebook and this blog….my heart is truly broken knowing that she is gone. She does inspire and I’ve found myself viewing and taking things in differently these last few days. She has left an imprint on my soul. I will be forever changed by her spirit. Much love to you, Evan, and all of her close friends and family. I can’t imagine the loss you are feeling. Hugs of peace to you all.


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