It’s not a burrito baby!

Taking some time for myself in the hospital. Guess it takes locking me up here to make sure I rest and relax!  I’m calling it a spa day.  I’ve got a room to myself (with a view),  food is delivered 3X a day and if I play it up enough, maybe I’ll get a hot nurse to sponge bathe me!! 

But seriously, I’ve been feeling bad the past couple months.  I am anemic again so have had a two iron infusions so far.  I’m getting B12 shots, eating low sodium and even making juice!  However, nothing was really helping.  With PH and CHF, people tend to retain fluid in their ankles, feet or abdomen.  Lucky me, I retain it all in my stomach, so I look like I’m about 4-5 months pregnant!  Not cute, especially because it’s not even a burrito baby!  Why can’t I retain that fluid in my butt? I’d have a nice round one for sure!  So when my oral diuretics weren’t working, I made sure to let my cardiologist team know.  I went in today and they said they’d better admit me to the hospital for a couple days to use IV diuretics and get this handled! Having all this fluid there pushes against my organs and puts fluid in my lungs making it hard to breathe, eat and sleep.  So here I am, at the spa, watching the olympics and awaiting my hot tea before I drift off to an uninterrupted sleep.  Hahahaha…I crack myself up sometimes!  

Please send your jokes, good vibes, etc! I’ll still be #kickingphintheballs! Love y’all!


10 thoughts on “It’s not a burrito baby!

  1. Hola Chiquita Hermosa! You need sexy entertainment? I will run in dressed as Charo and dance the cuchi cuchi for you! Then with all the beautiful music the spa loves to play I may nap and relax. I can also find you a sexy nurse tho!

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  2. Awh…Drea…sounds like an amazing day at the spa! But aren’t you supposed to be offered fancy flavored water and a facial or foot rub or something? It seems only right! Oh, and you are making me hungry with the burrito talk! We miss you lots here. It is brilliant the way you describe your perspective and I love the attitude. Hang in there kiddo! Sending good vibes and beautiful sunshine your way. You are one amazing woman. With love from Seattle.


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  3. Hi. I’m Lynn, Jim Davison’s sister. I was wondering why you were wearing a nose hose in a picture Pat posted, and have been reading your blog. Wow! I’m sorry you and your friends have had to deal with such awful health challenges. But I want to thank you for sharing and praise you for your excellent writing skills. Your husband and your friend with the brain tumor express their feelings and facts so well. Take care.

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