San Diego here we come!


Just a real quick update as I race around the house getting ready for my trip to San Diego today!  Our flight leaves at 3pm and I am still packing, I’ve never really grown out of procrastinating.  I am probably procrastinating as I sit down to type this,  rather than filling out the paperwork I need to do for my appointment tomorrow!  Any-who, that is the point of this entry isn’t it?  My appointment tomorrow is at University of CA San Diego Transplant team.  It is an all day appointment where they will assess me physically, psychologically (lord help them) and assess my level of support.  It will be up to them based on ALL OF THOSE whether or not they feel I am a good candidate for some new lungs.  I still have mixed feelings on the surgery, which I may delve into at another time.  Ain’t no one got time for that right now, trust me!  I am also not getting my hopes up just looking forward to a doctors visit and a mini vacation with some of the best people!

I am so lucky to have so much LOVE in my life.  So many friends and family have sent me well wishes already to begin my journey.  Please continue to send that amazing energy our way!  Again thank you for the help with my gofundme as this traveling gets expensive and there will hopefully be more trips to  come!  I wouldn’t be half the person I am without everyone’s support and love!




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