¬†Birthdays with The Iron Woman!

It’s been a while since I last wrote and I have a million excuses.  I’m too busy, been contemplating what to write, then Buster ate my rough draft! 

I’ll try to catch you up quickly because I don’t want too many feelings in this post. I’ll just do bullet points for now. If ya have more questions, feel free to comment.  Deal? Ok…..

  • I turned 39 this month! What?!
  • Stanford turned me down for a lung transplant.  Same reasons as UW. 
  • Iron infusions are helping tremendously! I’m feeling more energy and less fatigued.
  • Opsumit is amazing 
  • Retirement takes getting used to. I miss work but getting used to lunches with friends!
  • I’m back to enjoying honing my home chef skills! Tonight I’m making Braised Short Rib Ragu.
  • My hubs spoiled me for my birthday! 
  • My bestie and I are hitting the spa soon to continue celebrating!
  • I love being a stay at home mom! 
  • I miss my work best friends everyday! 
  • Disability paperwork is submitted, the wait begins.
  • If you are reading this, I love you and appreciate your continued support. 
  • Bring over some wine!! ūüć∑
  • I’m serious about the wine!