Just a lil update for now…

I’ve been off work for four days now….and things have been busy!  I had a work going away party and was surprised how many people came!  I was overwhelmed by the love and support!  Then my amazing sister in law and her girlfriend came into town, we had so much fun! Yesterday, I received a call from University of Utah lung transplant nurse.  Their team is reviewing me for a potential lung transplant.  If they feel I am a candidate, they will call me to see them in person.  UW turned me down for transplant.  They said I would be “too complicated”.  Who me?  Never!!  Anyhow, I guess they felt the radiation from my cancer treatments did too much harm not only to my lungs, but to the surrounded connective tissues.  But we will see what Utah says, I was also referred to Stanford but haven’t heard from them yet.

I also have an appointment at the UW Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic next Weds with Dr. Leary.  I advocated for this appointment for another opinion.  I am hoping that they will be able to review my case and lead me toward more aggressive treatment.  I just want to start feeling better.  I know this can be a slow process, but I am not used to staying so still all the time.  It is not like me to sit around all day.  I am going to go nucking futs soon!  I do feel the opsumit is starting to work though.  I am starting to feel like I have more energy and feel better in the morning.  I can go nearly all day before I feel like sleeping, so that is a step in the right direction!  I also feel my feistiness returning….so WATCH OUT!





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