Closing in…

Today was pretty productive.  I saw Dr. Joseph today who didn’t have a lot of answers for me which was kinda upsetting.  He says the new medication may take time to work and he is deferring to the University of WA specialists for now.  He recommends that I stay on my oxygen and is supportive of me no longer working.  I am coming to terms with this more and more.  After a long talk with my husband, we both think this will be the best.  I finished what I could of my social security application today as well as the paperwork for medical retirement through work.  I think I will work until the next pay period and then be done.  As sad as this is, I need to do what is right for my health and family.  My son is beyond thrilled that I can spend more time at home with him and so am I!  I figure, I will keep my SW licensure up to date though, so at some point if I get better I can return to work!

After sitting at the computer for three hours completing paper work, I am done, put a fork in me!  I am looking forward to the holidays with my friends and family!  Merry Christmas everyone!


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