I’m still short dammit.


It’s been 40 days since I was started on oxygen.  In that time, I’ve learned a lot about what it is like to be treated differently now that my illness is no longer an invisible entity.  First of all, people are nicer to me.  I don’t mean that they weren’t before, but I’ve definitely noticed a change.  People smile more, say hello while passing me, go out of their way to ask if I am doing ok, give up their seat for me and all in all are very kind.  I love it, I am able to see what I’ve always known before, that people, in general are kind, mean well and want to help.

What is bothering me  is that it has been 40 days since anyone has said anything about my height.  Pretty much EVERY DAY of my life before 02, someone would make a comment, make a jab or joke about how short I am.  But now that I have 02, it is like people are too scared, don’t notice or think I am too fragile to handle it.  Guess what people, I am not. I am still the same sarcastic, funny, feisty woman I’ve always been.  I am still short and I will not break if you tease me! I may kick you in the shin but I will not break!

Today ended that 4o day streak!  A women got into the elevator with me at work and immediately said, “I like you!”.  I told her I know why she liked me as she were only an inch or two taller, and she agreed and we laughed!  It was great!  Yes, I will admit, I have gotten angry sometimes at peoples comments but that was mainly due to their delivery.  Who knows, maybe now I am just being over sensitive and want to be treated like I am used to, not like some doll that people pity.



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