Sometimes it is the smallest things he does.  He has no idea how grand these small things actually are.  I am fortunate to have him in my life.  My husband is the world to me.  I worked a full day today and I am exhausted.  Working was great, I was able to go through my thousands of emails, make important phone calls to some of my patients and talk to friends. I got home and immediately helped Evan with his homework and made sure he had everything done that he needed to turn in for tomorrow.  I thought about dinner for a second, opened the fridge and quickly shut it, making my way to the couch.  I stayed there until Scott came home.  Without a complaint or question, he was in the kitchen making us waffles for dinner. They were amazing!  Waffles and tater tots that he cooked in the waffle iron.  Waffles that were as comforting as they were delicious.  It is these moments in our life that I know I married the right guy.  He is my rock and I know I would not be able to face this without him.  Cheers to you Mr. Wilhelm, I love you!



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